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Meet The Phoozy

The PHOOZY is the world's first thermal capsule for your smartphone. It provides military grade protection from the sun, heat, cold and shock while also providing float protection. The PHOOZY is made from materials that were developed to protect astronauts from the extreme environment of space and helps maintain optimum operating temperature of your smartphone. It also provides an extra layer of drop protection, whether you drop it on the ground or in the ocean.

Spaceman 4in x 7in

Layer Technology

Tested Protection

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    Battery Life

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    Military Grade
    Drop Protection

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    Sun & Heat

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    Rated to -20°F

Tested in Space, Proven on Earth. The PHOOZY™ is the number one iPhone 6 Plus sleeve to guard against heat, the damaging effects of the sun and icy temperatures. Constructed from proprietary materials and a design adapted from suits worn by astronauts, the PHOOZY Thermal Capsule shields your iPhone 6 Plus from thermonuclear radiation keeping your iPhone from overheating while also providing a barrier from freezing cold to maintain optimum operating temperature. Our Layered Matrix Technology also provides shock protection in the event of a drop and float protection keeping your iPhone 6 Plus from plummeting to the bottom of the ocean.  The PHOOZY is the world's first Thermal Capsule for your iPhone that is engineered to four military specifications including 810G 501.5 (heat), 502.5 (cold), 505.5 (solar radiation) and 516.6 (shock).

Phoozy In Action

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