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Orion Capsule in Xpac Black Camo

The ORION Capsule is the Ultimate Adventure Travel Pouch.  Lightweight, rugged, climateproof, and adventureproof for every day carry and protection of your essentials. Fits any size phone with plenty of room for your charging cords, credit cards, passport, sunglasses and other every day carry items. Premium craftsmanship that keeps all of your important stuff safe and sound. 

An ultra-rugged X-Tec Shell™ keeps water, snow, sand and mud out while the patented spacesuit technology inside helps prevent your phone or other devices from overheating in the sun, and insulates from battery zapping cold.  Add in military-grade drop protection and AGION antimicrobial lining to keep your ORION Capsule more hygienically clean, you have the ultimate adventure travel pouch.

Key Features:

Patented Chromium Thermal Barrier Technology. Made from materials originally developed by NASA for spacesuits, our patented Chromium Thermal Barrier helps prevent your devices from overheating in the sun and shields against battery zapping cold to extend battery life.

Travel Safe. RFID Safe. The RFID Blocking Passport Pocket foils would-be identity thieves by blocking access to the data stored on your passport and credit card microchips while keeping your documents safely out of sight and protected.

FullyWeatherProof . The X-Tec Shell™ is fully weatherproof against rain, sleet, snow, mud, sand, and well, just about anything you can imagine.  Built for the hot Mojave desert to the frigid conditions of the Arctic and everywhere in between.

AGION Antimicrobial Lining. Let’s face it, our devices and everything else we touch can be nasty.  Ever think about how nasty your pouches or cases could be? Don’t worry, our AGION antimicrobial lining works to keep your Orion Capsule more hygienically clean year after year.

Military-Grade Drop Protection. We have all been there, accidentally dropping a pouch and watching it bounce off of the rocks.  The Orion Capsule exceeds the 810 516.6 Military-Standard for drop and shock protection when your device is inside.  Adventure more and worry less.

Sizing Information
Outer Dimensions: 8.75 x 5.75 x 1.25
Interior Dimensions: 8.25 x 5.25 x 1
RFID Blocking Passport Pocket Dimensions: 4.5 x 5