Frozen tundra-like conditions have piggybacked onto the ever-stressful struggles to distribute the COVID-19 vaccinations in the US. Here are seven items to help handle the bone-chilling cold. Distribution of the coronavirus injections may be slow-moving--or even at a leaden crawl in the country's most populated state, California--but yet another storm is on the heels of the last. Scientists said there will be rain throughout the East Coast, moving as far west as Arkansas. Nearly all the upper states, reaching as far south as northern New Mexico, and North Carolina's southern-most border, will experience more snowfall. Texas, with its failing infrastructure exposed, continues in its state of emergency, with residents struggling to "make do" without power or water (and what water they do have must be boiled before using). President Biden has declared the Lone Star state in a major disaster. The severity of the weather can be marked by the death of 28 people in avalanches in just this year alone (2021). Those battling shiver-inducing snowstorms may not literally be under pounds of snow, but it doesn't mean they're not experiencing extreme weather. And here's where being a prepper comes in handy. With all that in mind, here are innovative products designed to ward off some of the biting chill while you have to be in it.  Read full article here
February 22, 2021

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