Our product.
Our impact.

Made with
Mother Nature
in mind.

E-waste is a major problem that is growing exponentially every day. By using a Phoozy thermal capsule you are protecting the battery in your device and extending its overall lifespan, which helps reduce e-waste.

We’re at the beginning of this journey toward sustainability and we don’t have all the answers - but we’re asking the right questions to help us innovate to better manage our environmental footprint. We’re learning s we go and excited about where we’re headed on the path to protecting what matters most and preserving our environment.

Our commitment.

PHOOZY is doing our part to reduce envionmental impact by constantly exploring new and more earth-friendly ways to improve the lifecycle of our products.

We are eliminating all plastics in our packaging, using recycled materials wherever possible and printing our packaging with plant based inks. In addition, we have redesigned our packaging to minimize the amount of materials used to reduce our overall carbon footprint - from our factory to you.