Our materials.

We utilize cutting edge materials and patented thermal composites
to deliver rugged, lightweight solutions that keep all of your devices protected and connected. Adventure more, worry less.

X-Tec Shell

X-Tec fuses futuristic style with supreme functionality. The unique construction is made by laminating three ultra-rugged layers into one lightweight and waterproof material. For its weight, X-Tec is stronger and has greater stretch resistance than any other available fabric.


Our exclusive Chromium Thermal Barrier™ reflects more than 90% of the solar radiation generated by the sun. As UV and Infrared heat waves pound your devices at 185,000 miles per second, the Chromium Thermal Barrier™ sends them back into space, away from your devices while the inner layer insulates your device in cold conditions.


Impactor Core

Made from various elastomeric polymers, the Impactor Core provides drop and shock protection for your devices that exceeds the military standards by more than 2X while still maintaining our legendary ultralight, slim design.


AGION® Antimicrobial Lining

Our antimicrobial range has been created in collaboration with AGION, the market leader in antimicrobial technology, which basically means that as far as the tech hygiene stakes go, we’ve raised the bar pretty high.

The AGION formula stops microbes in its tracks by damaging their cells and disrupting their growth, meaning, they simply can’t survive inside of your PHOOZY.