About Phoozy

What we do

PHOOZY empowers technology users to pursue their passions and epic outdoor adventures without worry of environmental limitations. PHOOZY premium products provide thermal, drop and float protection for smartphones and other tech. PHOOZY is dedicated to inspiring its customers to live an active lifestyle fueled by their passions and thirst for adventure without limitations.

Who we are

With a strong passion for all things outdoors and action sports, Kevin and Josh have deep roots in both industries. Kevin is an avid surfer, snowboarder, and cyclist. Josh's passions lie in hiking, scuba diving and skiing.

While the PHOOZY protects your smartphone with real rocket science, it was born from two guys that wanted to create a solution to a real problem - staying connected while living out their passions in the extreme cold of the highest peaks to the scorching sun of the South Pacific ocean.


PHOOZY is doing our part to reduce envionmental impact by constantly exploring new and more earth-friendly ways to improve the lifecycle of our products.

We are eliminating all plastics in our packaging, using recycled materials wherever possible and printing our packaging with plant based inks. In addition, we have redesigned our packaging to minimize the amount of materials used to reduce our overall carbon footprint - from our factory to you.