[/F(oo)zee/] noun, ultra high-tech
koozy for your phone

The world’s first thermal capsule that shields your phone from the sun, extreme heat and freezing cold - while also providing drop and float protection.

we have a problem.

Why does my phone
overheat in the summer?

When your phone is exposed to summer temperatures or direct sunlight, it can overheat causing it to shutdown. When your device overheats, it can permanently damage your expensive device and battery.


  • Extends battery life and helps prevent permanent damage
  • Patented NASA materials prevents overheating in the sun
  • HeatProof. SinkProof. DropProof. Pretty much everything proof to keep you connected and your phone protected.

Why does my phone die
so quick in cold conditions?

Cold weather, snow, freezing rain and other wintery conditions do not play well with your phone battery. When you are outside in these conditions, your phone’s battery won’t last as long, it might even say it has more than enough battery left before randomly shutting down and leaving you stranded.


  • Extends battery life up to 4X in cold conditions
  • Patented Thermal Layering Technology insulates your device
  • ColdProof. SnowProof. DropProof. Pretty much everything proof to keep you connected and your phone protected.

Problem solved.


Using your phone during warm summer months can cause your device to overheat and shutdown, causing permanent damage. The integrated Chromium Thermal Barrier™ in every PHOOZY Thermal Capsule helps prevent your device from overheating. Don’t let an overheated phone or tablet ruin your adventure and cause permanent damage to your expensive devices.


Using your phone in during cold winter months, your device’s battery will drain very fast rendering your most trusted devices useless. Our patented Chromium Thermal Barrier™ in every PHOOZY Thermal Capsule, insulates your device, extending the battery life up to 4X longer. Don’t let a dead phone leave you stranded when you need it most.


Provides drop protection that exceeds the military standards by 2X to protect your phone from drops up to 8 feet while still maintaining our legendary ultralight, slim design.


Don't worry about losing your expensive device to the bottom of the ocean or lake again inside this floating phone case with integrated SinkProof technology. It's THE lifejacket for your phone.

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