As the temperatures rise and the nights grow long, we make most out of the delightful summer season. Summer is the perfect time to plan outdoor activities with our friends and family. We all know that the most popular way to spend a summer vacation is to go for water fun and activities at the beach. But a day at the beach will require you to prepare yourself for the heat, thirst, water & sand and the sun. You can’t just storm the shores and expect to survive without your essential supplies.

In this article, we will help you prepare for your beach trips minimally and effectively. You won’t be needing a wagon, as these things will fit perfectly in your bag. Better prepare your checklist as we give you the beach essentials for a perfect summer vacation.


First things first, you need skin protection against the scorching heat of the sun. You surely wouldn’t like to have sun-related skin issues like a sunburn that you will suffer for days and even weeks. Make sure to apply the sunscreen before plunging to the waters. Because once you are wet and sandy, applying sunscreen is like sanding your skin and worse, the strength of the protection is less effective.


You don’t have to break the bank just to get a pair of sunglasses and protect your eyes from the sun. Whether it is a budget sunglasses or prescription glasses, as long as it has UV-ray protecting feature. If you are more after a stylish classic look, a pair of aviator shades will look amazing on you.


Of course, you also need to protect your face and hair from the sun. The best solution is to wear a hat. However, make sure that your hat should have a light material and is breathable. Hat also gives a twist to your summer outfit. There is a huge variety of summer hats that you can get in your local stores or online.


Obviously, you need your swimwear to be able to do your water activities. Pack those bikinis or swimsuits for the ladies and trunks or boardshorts for men. If you are planning to stay at a beach resort, check ahead if they have resort guidelines on what swimwear they will allow. Ladies should also consider bringing cover-ups to give more style to your summer ensemble.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

With the hot temperature, drinks will surely get lose their coldness quickly. Aside from being an eco-friendly product, a stainless steel water bottle can also keep your beverage cool for a longer time. No one would love to drink a room temperature soda, right? Steel water bottle not only keeps the beverage cold, it will also eliminate the chance of exploding due to carbonation. The best thing here is that it is reusable and you are not contributing to the wastes on the beach.

Power Bank

You won’t surely miss capturing those precious moments at the beach with your loved ones. If you think that your device is likely to run out of battery supply, pack a power bank too. The compact device will not hurt your storage and you’ll be thanking yourself for it is difficult to locate a power outlet at the beach.

Bonus Essential:

Smartphone Thermal Case

Sun and extreme heat are a serious threat to smartphones. Get yourself a phone case that will protect your device from the damaging effects of the sun and crazy temperatures. The best thing, that there is PHOOZY, the world’s first thermal capsule that protects your phone from the sun, extreme heat, and freezing cold. Not only that, PHOOZY cases are water-resistant, splash-proof, sand proof and will protect your device at drops up to six feet. Be at ease that your phone is excellently protected and enjoy your beach vacation without worries with PHOOZY.

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August 09, 2019

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