Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, one of the most asked questions we have received is how to keep your PHOOZY Thermal Capsule clean and disinfected. With recent studies showing that the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, may be able to survive on surfaces for up to nine days, we published a blog with recommendations on the best ways to clean and disinfect your devices and how using a PHOOZY Thermal Capsule can provide an extra barrier of protection from germs, bacteria and viruses. Your phone and tablet are now disinfected but what about your PHOOZY itself?

While our Thermal Capsules do provide an environmental barrier to help keep your devices cleaner and free from contamination while they are inside, we recommend wiping the outside of your PHOOZY with a Clorox Wipe or wipes with 70% isopropyl alcohol.  When you wipe your phone, iPad or laptop down, don’t forget to wipe your PHOOZY too!  As a final step, we recommend lightly spraying an antibacterial fabric spray like Tide Antibacterial Spray inside of your PHOOZY.  Do not saturate your PHOOZY with the spray.  Finally, make sure your PHOOZY is completely dry inside before placing your device inside.  

Three Tips To Disinfect And Clean Your PHOOZY Thermal Capsule To Help Limit Your Exposure To The Coronavirus:

  1. Gently wipe down the exterior of your PHOOZY with a Clorox Wipe or wipes with 70% isopropyl alcohol. 
  2. Lightly spray (do not saturate) the inside of your PHOOZY with an antibacterial spray
  3. Do not use window cleaner, kitchen cleaners or bleach. PHOOZY Thermal Capsules have special coatings to resist water, dirt, and stains that can be damaged by harsh cleaning chemicals.

It’s simple as a quick wipe of the outer surfaces and a light spray of the interior surfaces to keep your PHOOZY clean and disinfected while protecting your phone from well, everything. While most of us are staying home during this pandemic, PHOOZY Thermal Capsules have become an essential part of protecting your devices from germs and viruses when you make that grocery store run or just take a walk to get some fresh air.  We are committed to helping you stay connected and protected no matter where you are, from staying home during these unprecedented times, to your epic adventures in the days ahead.

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April 01, 2020

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