People are not the only ones that suffer when summer temperatures start to climb. Your smartphone, too, can heat up. The outdoor air temperatures affect the heat of your phone. While you expect your phone to operate as expected, your phone will perform differently.

Summer heat is absorbed by the phone and, when combined with the heat the phone is generating, it can increase significantly. A surefire way to tell when your phone has been in the summer heat too long is by how it performs. A hot phone will start to operate slower, and your battery drains faster.

The reason the phone performs this way has to do with its internal components and operating system commands. As the phone gets hotter, the operating system initiates commands to avoid overheating the phone. In some cases, even with these built-in safety features, the phone can still overheat and be damaged.

How to Keep Your Smartphone Safe from Summer Heat

Unlike those of us who can sweat to help our bodies cool down, our smartphones cannot do this. This is probably a good thing since moisture and electronics don’t mix. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help protect your smartphone from the summer heat to keep it cooler.

  • Keep it in an insulated thermal sleeve. The insulated sleeve protects the phone by creating a barrier between the heat and the phone. If your phone is already overheated, then it’s important to power the phone off while it’s in the sleeve.
  • Do not leave your smartphone in a hot car. Leaving your smartphone inside a car on a hot summer day will cause it to get much hotter. Even inside the glovebox, heat can affect the phone. Excessive exposure to heat inside a closed car can cause the screen to crack and the processor to shut down.
  • Do not leave the phone exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Whenever you are not using the phone, make sure it is protected from direct sunlight. Putting the phone in your pocket might seem like a good idea, but your body will be giving off heat and sweating, so the phone could get wet. Instead, drop it into an insulated thermal case first before putting it in your pocket.
  • Do not put your phone in a cooler, refrigerator or freezer. Putting a hot phone into an extreme change of hot to cold temperature creates condensation, which creates moisture that could ruin your phone’s electronics.  A sudden change in temperature can also crack your glass display.
  • Avoid charging your battery outdoors on hot days. Charging your phone in direct sunlight will overheat your phone very quickly. As your phone attempts to compensate for the additional heat, it will charge the battery at a slower rate. Even at this slower rate, heat levels can quickly rise above critical and the battery will shut down.
  • Take the phone out of its protective case. While phone cases can help against small drops to the phone, these cases trap heat inside the case and cause your phone to heat up faster.

smartphone protective case

By using these tips, you can help keep your phone cooler, avoid overheating, and help prevent permanent damage to your battery and circuitry. To get insulated thermal sleeves for your phone, check out the different styles and colors of the PHOOZY.

July 15, 2018

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