Kayaking is a fun way to get outdoors for a few hours, a day or a whole weekend, while staying cool. Whether you’ve been out on the water in your own or in a rented kayak before or you’re gearing up and getting ready for your first kayaking trip ever, we wanted to offer a few suggestions of what to know when planning and packing for the adventure. The first thing to decide when planning a kayak trip is where to explore. There are several factors that go into this decision, including weather, water levels, length of trip, available put in and take out points, and the type of kayaking (flatwater, whitewater, etc.). One of my favorite tools in helping me plan float trip details is the GoPaddling app. You can search by city, specific landmarks or waterways. The app shows put in and take out points and then estimate how long it will take you to kayak. You can even navigate to the points from the app. The availability of parking, bathrooms, campsites, boat ramps and other amenities are viewable in the app as well. Trip plans can be saved and shared. It is highly recommended to share your trip plan with someone outside of your group, that way someone knows when to expect you back.  Read more.
August 19, 2020

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