Whether you're boating, fishing, hiking or just chilling poolside this summer, PHOOZY is here to protect your phone from drops, overheating and that one time (or two) a year where your phone goes for a swim.  Follow these tips and tricks to make the most of your PHOOZY Thermal Capsule - your smartphone will thank you!


1 - Keep your phone in your PHOOZY as much as you can!

Question - If you continually take your drink out of it’s koozie in the hot sun does it keep cool?  NO!

The insulated PHOOZY Thermal Capsule protects your phone by creating a barrier between the heat and your phone.  It’s also designed to keep your phone connected to Bluetooth, cellular and data signals.

Pro Tip:  Turn your ringer up so you don’t miss important notifications or calls.  


2 - Is your phone hot to the touch?  Do NOT put it in your PHOOZY!

The outer layers of your PHOOZY Thermal Capsule are made from NASA developed technology to reflect the sun AWAY from your device while the inner layers are designed to insulate your phone.  This is how PHOOZY keeps your phone from getting too cold in the winter, but it’s also the reason why you don’t want to put a hot phone into your PHOOZY, it will not cool it down.


3 - Hot Cars = Bad For Your PHOOZY / Bad For Your Phone!

DO NOT leave your phone in a hot car!  Leaving your smartphone inside a car on a hot summer day will cause it to get much hotter - even if it's inside your PHOOZY.  Your PHOOZY is designed to reflect the heat from sunlight AWAY from your device to extend the amount of time your phone will maintain its safe operating temperature. 

Your car can exceed 130 degrees Fahrenheit (OUCH) in the summer and your PHOOZY Thermal Capsule is NOT designed to bake at those temperatures.  

Pro Tip:  Don't leave anything of value inside a hot car. 


4 - Turn off apps that consume your battery and refresh in the background and do not charge your phone while it’s inside of your PHOOZY. 

These apps include GPS, maps, WiFi (unless you are connected to a network), etc.  As these apps “refresh” in the background, they can generate significant heat in your device and cause it to overheat when you are in the sun.  So give your phone a break and enjoy nature, your friends and the environment around you!


5 - Older Phones = Older Batteries

Did you know that the age of your phone battery changes its sensitivity to temperature?

Batteries that are more than 12 months old have much greater sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures and they do not hold their charge as long.  If you have an older device, most manufacturers will replace the battery for a very reasonable price putting new life into your phone!


6 - Do NOT put your phone in a cooler, refrigerator or freezer!

We get it your phone overheats so the first thing you want to do is cool it down.  Putting a hot phone into an extreme change of hot to cold temperatures creates condensation.  Condensation creates moisture and that could ruin your phone.  It can also crack your glass display.  

Pro Tip:  Just don’t do it.


Follow these simple tips and tricks and keep you and your smartphone cool all summer long!


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June 17, 2021

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