If you've ever watched your phone go from 100 percent battery to 70 percent almost instantly when the weather drops, then you know: Cell phones are not designed to perform in extreme temperatures. And, while you've probably seen the heat warning on your mobile device during warm months, cold weather can have just as negative effect on your cell phone's lifespan as heat. In fact, in some tests, below-freezing temperatures (anything less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit), can cause your phone's battery to drop as much as 20 percent. That's why learning how to winterproof your phone will help prolong your mobile device’s life, so you can send those important texts all year round.


This insulated phone pouch was designed with extreme temperatures in mind. Made from NASA technology that reflects the sun, this insulated pouch can keep your phone from overheating in the sun, and protects against cold temperatures as well. It's also water-resistant, floats if it's in water, and has military-grade shock resistance, should you drop it.

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October 17, 2019

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