So you just got a new Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+, you are stoked, but your next big adventure is just around the corner. And so is the heat of summer, meaning an overheated phone can be a real problem. Protect the Infinity Display and dual-pixel camera from the heat of the sun and summer temperatures when you are on your next outdoor adventure with PHOOZY Thermal Capsules for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, available for purchase today.    


"We work hard to provide real solutions to real problems so that you can play hard," said PHOOZY CEO Kevin Conway. "PHOOZY Thermal Capsules let Samsung owners enjoy the great outdoors and stay protected.  We are proud to be able to be the first to provide thermal, drop and float protection for the cutting edge Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+."


Trips to the beach or pool can be tough on tech but PHOOZY keeps your Galaxy S8 encapsulated in proprietary materials that were adapted from space technology to keep astronauts safe from the extreme environments of space, and keep your Galaxy protected from whatever comes its way. The thin Thermal Capsule slips easily in and out of pockets for on-the-go use, providing easy access and unrivaled protection.   


For trips to that long-awaited festival, protect your Galaxy S8 from fashion faux pas with the stylish PHOOZY. The Thermal Capsule stands out from the crowd with our proprietary Chromium Thermal Barrier™ Shell available in MoonMan Silver™ and coming soon, Solid Gold™. The layered matrix technology protects against overheating in the sun and summer heat while our Impactor Core absorbs impacts from those oops moments.  Did we mention the PHOOZY will keep your Galaxy S8 floating if you happen to drop it in the water?  While the Galaxy S8 has an IP68 rating that protects it from a quick dip in the pool, it certainly won't keep it from becoming hidden treasure on the bottom of the ocean floor.  Our SinkProof technology means no more dives to the bottom of the pool, toilet, ocean or muddy lake bottom to find your phone.  


PHOOZY - The New Guardian of the Galaxy.  Well, at least the Samsung Galaxy.   

Click HERE to buy your PHOOZY Thermal Capsule for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ today!

May 10, 2017

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