Here at Men’s Journal, we constantly test the latest gear to find the best new products you should know about to take your next adventure, workout, wardrobe, and every other part of your life to the next level. That includes everything from the best new adventure gear like a kayak that can double as a fishing boat to the absolute coolest gadgets and innovative tech you should own like a must-have soundbar to upgrade your home theater setup or a pair of bookshelf speakers. Here, check out our editors’ favorite picks for Gear of the Week.

----------The PHOOZY----------

Protecting your smartphone from the rigors of the world should always a top priority. After all, you spend hundreds of dollars on the latest mobile device, only to have unexpected catastrophe ruin your new investment. This where the PHOOZY XP3 Series smartphone capsule comes in.

It’s made from NASA technology that insulates and keeps your precious battery life from dying in the cold (think skiing or ice fishing). It’s water resistant ,so splashes, snow, and rain are worries no more.

It features a stash pocket for your credit cards/IDs/cash, and has a wonderfully convenient multi-point attachment system so you can easily attach this to any backpack, jacket, luggage, or other hardware.

You simply slide in your phone, and the XP3 keeps it safe and sound. You can also stash any other precious device (e.g. small hard drives, satellite phone, AirPods, and more) and it’s made to fit a plethora of iPhone and Android device.—Jon Perino, Senior Editor

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May 18, 2020

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