A New Yorker turned rocky mountain powder chaser - meet PHOOZY Athlete and Brand Ambassador Bryan Finocchiaro.  After a move to Colorado to pursue his passion for outdoor adventures, Bryan took the LSATs and a few weeks later skied some epic powder the rest, as they say, is history!

Bryan lives the outdoor lifestyle as a professional backcountry skier and an original member of the PHOOZY Family..  When he’s not shredding the backcountry of epic peaks around the world,  you will find him mountain biking, climbing, or fly fishing in the Colorado waters.  We caught up with him between his outdoor adventures to talk about PHOOZY - his favorite products, what he loves about the brand and why PHOOZY Thermal Capsules are a must have on every adventure.


Q: How did you get involved with PHOOZY?

A: I got involved with PHOOZY after I met one of the founders through a mutual friend at both of our first GoPro games in Vail, CO. I want to say around 5 years ago maybe?  We hit it off, I was a huge fan of the products and I’ve been a part of the PHOOZY Familyever since.


Q:  What's your favorite PHOOZY product and why? 

A:  Currently my favorite product is the laptop sleeve….not only can I put my laptop in it but I can slip a few papers/documents in it as well. Super easy when on the go and keeps my laptop and battery totally protected from cold and heat. For the phone, my favorite product is the OG Apollo line. Sleek, simple, easy to use. Looks good and keeps the profile slim. I love it! Snow, , drops onto rocks, a splash in the water - nothing gets to the phone  Knowing my phone is powered up because it’s in my PHOOZY allows me to get that epic shot in the moment that I otherwise may not be able to get.


Q:  What should everyone know about PHOOZY? 

A:  In the beginning I would take my PHOOZY to the mountain and people would make fun of me calling it a “pop tart”.  Fast forward and the same ones making fun of me actually found out the utility it has and now they all are carrying one.  Over the years PHOOZY has modified the thermal capsule making it a must have for the phone protection it provides while also being a stylish accessory.


Q:  How did you get into backcountry skiing? 

A:  The simple answer is one day on the bus ride into vail, someone goes “hey want to go out east?” After that it was history. Got all the gear, learned how to use it. Then I started to explore the Vail area. Learned from “old heads” that have had years of knowledge and experience and soaked it all up like a sponge.   And I’ve never looked back. For me, there is nothing like creating fresh tracks in the backcountry.


Q:  Favorite place to backcountry ski?

A:  Anywhere where the snow is deep and the line is steep. That being said the avalanche conditions must be in “our favor” if that’s even a thing. That said, a deep day in Hokkaido, Japan is what dreams are made of. 


Q: Three things we don’t know about you?

A:  1) crypto nut 2) mountain biking has taken over my life 3) my dog Luna has been known to test PHOOZYs durability from time to time!

To learn more about Bryan and his adventures follow his insta!

December 09, 2021

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