We had so much fun catching up with Mo Mitchell - our first female PHOOZY ambassador and professional ski athlete who’s home base is tucked away in the Roaring Fork Valley of Aspen, Colorado. 

Mitchell has been an ambassador of ours for three years now. Depending on the season, when she’s not skiing on Aspen mountain, you can usually find her mountain biking, hiking, and enjoying the good things in life.

Her personality and smile are infectious as well as her positive, fun outlook on life - it's something we could all learn from. Enjoy our sit-down with Aspen's very own, Mo Mitchell!

Mo Mitchell

How did you get involved with PHOOZY? 

A few years ago I was ski testing with FREESKIER Magazine. Each tester was given a PHOOZY. It was love ever since.

What's your favorite PHOOZY product and why?

My favorite product is the Apollo II + Antimicrobial Insulated Phone Case in GOLD. The splitting hook is convenient for grabbing it out of my pocket. Plus, the diamond stitching gives it a classy look. I use it as a purse wallet off the mountain as well!

What should everyone know about PHOOZY? 

It is not just for your phone! We use it to keep GoPros, camera batteries and other battery operated devices from dying in the frigid temps. While paddle-boarding in the summer, it keeps all our goodies safe and strapped to the boards. We feel good about the floatable PHOOZY versus a (regular) bag, which can sink into the river if it gets loose. 

Like most adventurers we assume you have the travel bug and love being outdoors -  where is your favorite destination to chill and where is your favorite destination to ski? 

The desert is my favorite. My go-to spots are around Moab and Canyonlands. I have reset myself many times there camping, biking and hiking. It is incredibly vast and makes you feel so miniscule in life's grandness. The red rocks and views are absolutely stunning.

My favorite place to ski... Aspen Mountain! It is the absolute reason I chose to move to Aspen 6 years ago.

Tell us three things that we might not know about you? 

The first time I went skiing I was 7 years old. I cried and told my dad I hated it and I was never skiing again! The next day, he made me take a lesson. Something clicked and I got down the bunny hill without falling! It was love ever since.

Other than skiing, I am really passionate about music. My music taste is pretty expansive, but I really like punk rock. I am almost always listening to music from my phone when I ski - another reason to keep my battery PHOOZY safe!

A third, hmm... I'm a plant mama! I have a jungle of plants and they make me very happy.

Your instagram feed shows you racing down plenty of mountains - is there anything that scares you?

Ha that's funny, and a good question. I don't think I fear much, but honestly, clowns freak me out. 

Who or what inspires you in life?

I adore people who actively and passionately want to make the world a better place. Charities, activism, or simply smiling to a stranger, it all makes a difference. I hope to inspire others in the same way.

Mo Pic

Want to learn more or connect with Mo? Find her here!

March 08, 2022

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