When Mother Nature is spitting snow or casting below-freezing temperatures your way in the midst of a hunt, there’s nothing worse than finding out a product doesn’t work as promised. Having the right gear can mean the difference between a bearable experience and a miserable time. When you’re comfortable in the field, not only will you be able to endure the cold longer, you’ll also have an easier time concentrating on the hunt, resulting in a higher success rate.

As an avid hunter, I do my fair share of extremely cold hunts—often spending as many as 20 days in the field—and I am always on the lookout for gear to make my experience more tolerable. My recommendations include products that complement the cold-weather hunting clothing you already own, such as pants and a jacket. Every product on this list is in my arsenal of gear for cold-weather hunts, and I’ve found all of them to work exceptionally well in various situations—from still hunting to stalk hunting.

My recommendations are based not only on my personal experience using them but also on consumer reviews, product ratings, and suggestions from my peers.  Read full blog post here.

November 15, 2021

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