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Hot days spent soaking up the sun at the beach, the lake, hanging out by the pool or out in the park with friends are what it’s all about.  But for your phone, iPad and other devices, those epic summer days turn into a matter of survival. 

Did you know that when your phone gets too hot and gives you the dreaded “iPhone Must Cool Down Before Using” screen that it’s actually causing permanent damage to your expensive phone?  Not only is it a major inconvenience, it’s destroying your phone’s battery.  Keep your phone alive and let it thrive this summer. 

Read on to learn how to make sure all of your devices survive summer!

Do keep your phone in your PHOOZY as much as you can.

If you continually take your drink out of its koozy in the hot sun does it keep cool? No. And who wants to drink a warm beer or seltzer?  Gross. 

The insulated PHOOZY Thermal Capsule uses spacesuit technology to protect your phone by creating a multi-layered barrier  between the heat of the sun and your phone. Our patented materials and design won’t interfere with Bluetooth, cellular or data connections  to ensure the tunes don’t stop and you don’t miss any important notifications.

Pro Tip: Keep your phone and your PHOOZY inside of our new 2.8L Tech Capsule for the ultimate all-day protection in the sun.

Don't put your device in the PHOOZY if it's already hot or overheated.

The outer layers of your PHOOZY Thermal Capsule are made from NASA developed technology to reflect the sun away from your device, while the inner layers are designed to insulate your phone.

This is how PHOOZY keeps your phone from getting too cold in the winter, but it’s also the reason why you don’t want to put a hot or overheated phone into your PHOOZY, it will not cool it down.  Think of sliding a drink that was left out in the sun into a koozy - the koozy isn’t going to magically cool it down….same goes for your phone! .

Hot vehicles are bad for your device!

Did you know that during the summer the interior of your can exceed 130 degrees Fahrenheit when it’s in the sun?

PHOOZY Thermal Capsules are not designed to be left inside of a hot car for a long period of time.  Remember, if you’re hot, they’re hot - don’t leave your expensive electronics sitting in your oven…er, we mean car.

Pro Tip:  Don't leave anything of value inside a hot car, this includes but is not limited to children, electronics and pets.

Turn off apps that consume your battery and refresh in the background.

These apps include GPS, maps, WiFi (unless you are connected to a network).  As these apps “refresh” in the background, they can generate significant heat in your device and cause it to overheat and drain your battery when you are in the sun.  So, do your phone a favor and exit out of any apps you aren’t using. 

Pro Tip:  Need to charge your phone while you're out in the sun?  Place it inside of our 2.8L Tech Capsule and charge away!  It will be protected from the damaging effects of the sun and you don’t have to worry about it overheating. 

Fun Fact:  Older Phones = Older Batteries!

Did you know that the age of your device and its’ battery determines its’ sensitivity to temperature? Batteries that are more than 12 months old have a greater sensitivity to intense hot/cold temperatures, and they do not hold their charge as long! 

Have you noticed your battery draining faster than it did when you first got your phone?  We are hard on our batteries - every time you charge your device you are taking away a little of its ability to hold a charge. 

So what can you do about it?  If you have an older device, most manufacturers will replace the battery for a very reasonable price putting new life into your phone! You may be surprised at how good a fresh battery feels.  

Do NOT put your phone in a cooler, refrigerator or freezer!

If you didn’t use a PHOOZY properly and your phone overheats during your summertime adventures, as tempting as it sounds, don’t put your device in a cooler!

Putting a phone into an extreme change of hot to cold temperatures can cause thermal shock which can damage your device causing your display to crack.    That’s the last thing we want to happen to our PHOOZY family this summer.  Didn’t your momma teach you to “just say no to crack”?  Or something like that. 

Follow these simple tips and tricks to make sure that all of your devices survive summer.  We want to hear from you!  Have some other key survival tips - bring 'em on!  Connect with us on social media and tag us, comment, or just slide on into our DM’s - @thephoozy #PHOOZYFam

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May 11, 2022

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