As an entrepreneur, you dream of being on “Shark Tank,” hooking a shark (or two) and nabbing a $500,000 investment. So what happens after that dream becomes reality? 

You come up for air... sort of.

Following their successful “Shark Tank” episode and the subsequent flurry of congratulatory texts, phone calls and social media shoutouts, PHOOZY founders Kevin Conway and Josh Inglis were ready to stop for a moment and take it all in. After all, they invested three years in the entire “Shark Tank” process, from submitting applications and videos to conducting interviews. “We had so many orders, there was no time to relax and celebrate,” says Kevin. “In fact, it feels like we are still trying to come up for air.”

The “Shark Tank Effect” is a very real phenomenon. 

Josh and Kevin heard stories of companies experiencing an explosion in sales following “Shark Tank,” but it's always uncertain whether that immediate success is an entrepreneurial one-hit wonder doomed to flicker out or an absolute hit with staying power. Thankfully for PHOOZY, it’s been the latter. Sales are skyrocketing and continuing to reach unprecedented heights.

"The worldwide response has been overwhelming,” states Josh. “Between messages about how much viewers loved our episode, customers purchasing our product and retailers contacting us directly, the feedback has been incredible.”

The Monday following their episode, the team started returning the bevy of calls from retailers and distributors and began putting their plans into motion.

So, what does the future hold?

The founders’ three main priorities are team expansion, company growth and product line amplification. As mentioned in the episode, Kevin and Josh have begun rounding out the PHOOZY team with key positions, which will help them keep pace with the company’s rapid growth. So far, the team is in the process of hiring creative designers, e-commerce managers and customer service support to help bolster the new opportunities “Shark Tank'' has afforded them.

Additionally, the duo possesses an extremely robust product roadmap, including expanding PHOOZY’s new antimicrobial products, like the Apollo II + Antimicrobial Series , and integrating the AGION antimicrobial technology into their entire product line. They’re also launching new products that not only protect phones, tablets and laptops, but essential accessories like power banks, portable hard drives, smart watches, Apple AirPods and AirTags. 

“The overwhelming response from customers and retailers has proved that we are on the right track,” states Kevin. “We’ll continue to innovate and hopefully inspire other entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.”

Is “Shark Tank” worth it? 

The answer is, unequivocally, yes.

The entire process took nearly three years, from when the founders first applied and were declined to when they finally swam with the sharks on national TV in April 2021. Josh and Kevin encourage companies to continue growing their business and remain committed to the application process even if you are initially turned down.

“The paperwork and interview process can be a little overwhelming, but stay focused,” advises Josh. “Make sure you have a strong grasp of your numbers and approach the tank with a compelling story.”

The team advises companies to stay steadfast and determined. "Don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed the first time, the second or the third,” urges Kevin. “Apply. Push yourself. It will never be the perfect time in life or business, but never give up.”

After all, as PHOOZY founders Josh and Kevin can attest, “Shark Tank” doesn’t just change your business; it changes your life.

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Watch PHOOZY’s “Shark Tank” episode (season 12, episode 19) on HuluABC.comAmazon Prime and CNBC.

July 22, 2021

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