December 01, 2017 1 min read

WARNING! Do you use your device in cold weather?  Read this first - Apple cautions that using the device in very cold conditions could shorten battery life and cause the device to turn off.

As reported by many news & tech outlets, some users of new Apple smartphones have  experienced major issues operating in the extreme cold. While most manufactures including Apple recommend turning your device off when the mercury drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  For millions of users, that is simply not an option as our smartphones have become a major part of our work and personal lives.

” It turns out most major manufacturers, including Apple, suggest their devices work best in the climate our bodies also prefer — and when it gets frigid, to turn the phone off (and head inside).

That seems like a tall order for phone owners where it regularly slips to the single digits or worse. So we asked cell-phone repair shops in Canada and Alaska this question: Can it get too cold to run smartphones?

It is the “battery, battery, battery,” that is most vulnerable to the elements, says Roger Gurney, owner of Arctic Tech Solutions in Fairbanks, Alaska.”. 

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