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If you've ever experienced your phone battery dropping from 100 percent to dangerous red-bar territory in what seems like a matter of minutes, you've probably used your phone outside in a Canadian winter.

Many smartphones struggle to maintain their battery life, speed and display functions when dealing with sudden temperature drops. And while one would assume your new phone's $1,000 price tag would ensure some sort of usability in the cold, anyone who has walked their dog at night between November and April will agree that it's a 50/50 gamble whether their batteries will survive.

For snow, frost, and water protection, check out these Canadian-proof winter-friendly phone cases to keep your phone working exactly as it should.

PHOOZY Apollo Thermal Phone Case

Prevent your phone from freezing in the cold or overheating in the sun with Phoozy’s insulating phone case. The water-resistant and drop-tested case will extend your battery life up to 3X in cold conditions. The case uses a unique thermal barrier derived from NASA spacesuit technology to prevent permanent temperature-related battery damage.

PHOOZY XP3 Series Ultra-Rugged Thermal Phone Case


The Phoozy XP3 Series case provides the ultimate temperature protection against rugged outdoor conditions. Its five-layer barrier can extend battery life up to 4X in cold weather and has drop protection up to nine feet. "This product has saved my life. Seeing more battery life out of my phone has been a lifesaver while out in the hot woods, drops and water," wrote one Amazon user. "This product exceeded expectations. If you don't have one go pick up some for you and your friends. You won't be disappointed."
Also, check out the Apollo II Series, perfect mix of the Apollo and XP3.

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November 09, 2020

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