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The Golf Pack includes:
1x Tech capsule
1x 13" Tablet Capsule
1x Orion Capsule
6-pack of Can Coolers
4x Apollo II Phone Capsules
Valued at $500

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Designed for peace of mind, no matter how you play.


Extend battery life up to 4X longer in extreme temperatures compared to not using a PHOOZY Thermal Capsule.


Patented Chromium Thermal Barrier protects against heat and cold using NASA spacesuit technology.


Impactor Core exceeds Mil-Std 810G 516.6 Impact Standards to provide military-grade drop protection.


It's the life jacket for your device. Water-resistant materials and construction. Fully sink-proof.

"Love it! Easily attaches to my golf bag so I don't have to worry about where my phone is."

// Max T, Golfer

"I honestly can’t tell you how many times it has extended my phone battery in the cold, whether it’s on the hill skiing or out camping in the desert."

// Tae Westscott, Pro Skier

"No need to worry about bumps and bangs with this case, its also great protection for a device that must spend some time in a hot/cold golf cart. It is flawlessly constructed with quality materials."

// Stephanie F, Golfer