The PHOOZY XP3 series of smartphone cases protect against the elements while on the water.

We have all been there at one time or another. It is a long day on the water and you accidentally left your cell phone laying in the sun. Doing this can result in overheating that kills the battery life of many phones. For others it heats them up so much they shut down completely once a high operating temperature has been reached. Not an ideal thing to happen if there is an emergency.

I have personally had my phone overheat several times while kayaking even though my phone was in a waterproof box. The exact same effect can happen during extremely cold conditions. It becomes a real problem if you are sitting in your treestand all day and cannot call a buddy to come help drag that big buck out because your phone has been dead for the six hours prior.

Enter the PHOOZY XP3 series thermal capsule. It is a different type of phone case designed with the same technology used in spacesuits to protect astronauts. It may have a weird name, but I came to find it works rather well for protecting a phone during a simple boat ride too.

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July 10, 2020

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