"Best High-Tech Ski Gear for 2023" - CNET


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August 04, 2020 1 min read

Long gone are the days of strapping on the wooden skis, grabbing your favorite winter sweater, and hitting the slopes until your fingers go numb. The winter sports market is becoming more and more inundated with high-tech gear, fancy gadgets, engineered garments, and evolving technology to make our sweet powder curves easier and more efficient. Some may argue that fancy gear takes some magic away from the moments of complete solitude sought through various alpine challenges. We politely disagree. We embrace the best of these evolving technologies as a way to keep the snowball rolling, making the sport of skiing both more accessible for those starting, and more advanceable for the brave pioneers. When used appropriately as a tool, hi-tech gear can help skiers make the most of their experiences, and promote safety, education, and sustainability throughout the industry. In this article, we cover some of the best hi-tech ski gear and gadgets that will take your skill and comfort on the slopes to the next level.  

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