As a follow up from our recent blog post around how to best protect your tech this winter we wanted to dive into the SCIENCE behind why our phones die in the cold.  

There are plenty of times our devices are out in the cold. Maybe you’re skiing, and you take your iPhone along with you; maybe you ordered a brand-new tablet and the driver left it on your doorstep. Whatever the reason for your chilled devices, we have an important PSA: If your tech has a lithium-ion battery, and it is in below freezing temperatures, do not charge it!

What happens when you charge a lithium-ion battery below freezing?  (Hint - don’t do it)

Courtesy of our friends from Lifehacker there are two main issues here. First, charging lithium-ion batteries when they are below freezing permanently reduces their overall capacity. All batteries lose their maximum capacity over time—that’s chemical aging. However, charging a below-freezing battery will immediately lower its capacity, making it seem like it’s much older than it really is. Who wants a brand-new piece of tech that loses battery power so quickly? No one, is the answer.

Secondly, however, and more importantly, charging a battery in such a condition makes it dangerous to use. Charging a battery below freezing essentially turns it into a ticking time bomb. Quite literally—the battery could eventually explode. While it wouldn’t be necessarily immediate, and a fiery explosion is not guaranteed, that battery is destined to fail at some point in the future. 

How can I protect my phone and its battery?

Here at PHOOZY we hated watching our batteries die so we did something about it and enlisted the help of a real rocket scientist.  We took materials that were developed by NASA to protect astronauts in the extreme environments of space to create the world's first Thermal Capsule for your expensive cell phone.  

Our Thermal Capsules extend the period of time that your phone will maintain its operating temperature in cold conditions extending battery life up to 3X (compared to not using a PHOOZY).  And with so many PHOOZY’s to choose from there is a product out there to fit your lifestyle:

Our original Apollo Series are ultralight and slim to easily slide into your jacket, pants pocket, or backpack.

The new Apollo II + Antimicrobial features the same Chromium Thermal Barrier to protect your phone from both hot and cold conditions but it also features a SplitRing / KeyChain Connector allowing you to easily attach your PHOOZY to your backpack or jacket tethers.  And did we mention that our new AGION® Antimicrobial lining reduces microbes by up to 99.99% to keep your devices hygienically clean.  Read more here.

And for the adventurer carrying ALL THE GEAR there is our brand new TechCapsule - the essential everyday carry pouch.  Conveniently carry your phone, chargers, cables, powerbank, AirPods, keys/fobs, wallet and other personal essentials.  Best of all?  The included strap allows you to use the TechCapsule as a cross-body sling, fanny pack, over shoulder carry, or remove the strap and use the integrated attachment system to connect it to your PHOOZY Tablet or Laptop Capsule, your gear, or just about anything.

Got any other tips?

We thought you’d never ask!  Check out our 2022 Winter Checklist Blog - filled with additional tips & tricks to keep your tech in working order!

January 25, 2022

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