Let’s be real: Winter camping might not be for everyone. If the idea of sleeping in a tent when the temperature is below freezing is downright terrifying to you, don’t worry, there are summer sports for you. But if you thrive on winter adventures, remember that there’s no such thing as bad weather—just bad gear. In the same way that you have different clothes for hiking biking, running, kayaking, and hanging out in 100 degree weather vs 50 degree weather, the same goes for winter camping gear. Of course you’ll need warmer and more rugged gear for a winter camping trip than you’d need for a warm weather trip.

If you prepare well and smartly pack the best winter camping gear for your needs, you should be fine. If you’re new to winter camping, however, it may be wise to start off with some mild winter weather rather than trying to hike to the top of a mountain during a snowstorm. Your first few forays should feature easy winter camping trips while you get more comfortable with the cold and learn the sort of gear you like, how many layers work best for you and which camping essentials you really need.

Should you only be heading out for a single evening, you can get away with packing pre-made food in insulated containers. But if you plan to camp for multiple nights, stock up on the right campsite cooking gear to stay full and satisfied. Not only are frozen forests and snow-covered peaks seriously spectacular scenery in the winter, but chilly temperatures mean there are fewer people on the trails and at campsites. So layer up, get your bag ready and enjoy a cooler, calmer and quieter version of the great outdoors.

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January 25, 2022

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