Like my previously reviewed phone case from PHOOZY, the 11" Tablet Case offers a lot of the same protections for your tablet or laptop. Bump protection with the Imactor Core 2.0. IP66 water protection using HydroGuard technology. And even hot and cold temperature protection. This is achieved by using a patented Chromium Thermal Barrier adapted from NASA technology. The same material that protects astronauts, electronics and satellites in the extreme conditions of space.

A recent trip to the Caribbean to explore the underwater environment became the perfect test site for the Tablet Case. Since I maintain my dive log on a tablet, I often bring it along on the dive boat. Mainly to update data, dive site location and annotate marine life between dives. However, dive boats are inherently wet. And with SCUBA tanks and gear banging around, can be a very dangerous place for an unprotected tablet. The Tablet Case from Phoozy seemed to be designed for this very trip. And covered my assets like a pro.  Read full article here.

February 10, 2022

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