PHOOZY family member Tae Westcott is the ultimate life enthusiast - always trying to grab every ounce out of everything the world has to offer!  When he is not living adventurously outdoors, he is an avid traveler.  Tae has been to Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Korea, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Canada, and the Galapagos islands…and he’s just getting started.

We sat down with him between flights to talk about his travels and his love for the great outdoors.  We also learned a thing or two…the guy can knit!


PHOOZY:  You’ve traveled all over the world - where is your favorite destination to chill and where is your favorite place to ski?

TAE:  I have been super lucky to have traveled all over the word.  I actually enjoy traveling when I can relax and not focus on skiing.  Bali and Greece are probably two of my favorite places - I always have the most fun when I’m there!

PHOOZY:  Tell us three things we might not know about you.

TAE:  I was adopted.  I know how to knit.  I don’t eat fish or seafood.

Tae 1

PHOOZY:  You competed in Slopestyle and Big Air events.  Is there anything that scares you?

TAE:  I don’t compete any more but I used to a lot, honestly no matter how many times I’ve done it I would still get butterflies before competition runs.  These days I think the fear of missing out due to injury is probably what scares me the most, not even the injury itself but what I would miss during the down time while I’m healing.  I’m actually nursing a bruised heel right now that happened at X Games, and it frustrates me that I have to just cruise around and not ski hard - ha ha!  Here’s to hoping it will heal soon! 

PHOOZY:  How did you get involved with PHOOZY?

TAE:  I’m actually a big fan of the original PHOOZY Apollo Series Thermal Capsules.  I love it because it’s flexible and fits in my jacket pocket.  I also love the updated Apollo II Series - I switch between both!

PHOOZY:  What should everyone know about PHOOZY?

TAE:  It’s like a sleeping bag for your phone!  I honestly can’t tell you how many times it has extended my phone battery in the cold, whether it’s on the hill skiing or out camping in the desert.  Everyone is always on their phone these days, so why wouldn’t you want to extend your phone battery?  Plus it’s a great conversation starter!  Everyone should have a PHOOZY!

Tae 2

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February 21, 2022

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