Spacesuit Technology For Every Adventure

It’s been a part of our mission statement since our first PHOOZY was created back in 2017, but you may be scratching your head wondering why you need NASA grade materials to protect your phone and other devices.  If that’s you - read on.

You know that feeling of pulling your phone out only to realize the cold has zapped your battery and your phone is dead after a couple of hours on the mountain?  Or you're at the beach and the tunes suddenly shut off and you go to check your phone only to realize that your phone is overheated and shut down?  We (like you) hated that feeling and decided to do something about it so we enlisted the help of an expert - a real rocket scientist.

We adapted materials developed by NASA to protect astronauts and satellites in the extreme environment of space, to create the world’s first Thermal Capsule to protect your phone, tablet, laptop and accessories from extreme temperatures and crazy adventures. 

NASA Technology  

Co-founder Kevin Conway, a professional racecar driver, recalled that the fireproof suit and shoes he wears when driving use a lightweight material called Nomex and radiant barrier technology - both of which are used in spacesuits (the fabric was invented by DuPont, finding its way into NASA’s spacesuits for its thermal protection, fire-resistance, durability, and comfort). This led him to study NASA’s spacesuits and how they have been engineered to withstand the extreme temperatures in space.  He then reached out to aerospace engineers and a real rocket scientist that use these materials everyday to develop a capsule that would protect your phone and other devices from extreme temperatures - much in the same way a spacesuit protects astronauts in space. 

Our patented thermal composite features a layered matrix of materials adapted from those developed by NASA. The Chromium Thermal Barrier reflects more than 90% of the damaging heat from the sun away from your device while also insulating from battery zapping cold. The multi-function Impactor Core layer provides military-grade drop protection exceeding the military’s 810G 516.6 standard (aka, no more shattered screens or damaged devices from accidental drops) and buoyancy - meaning this capsule floats (just like a real space capsule). 

Combine the layered matrix of protection in a sleek, modern, lightweight form and you have the ultimate protection for every device.  When we say “Spacesuit Technology For Every Adventure” - we mean it.  

So there you have it - how PHOOZY came to be and why we will continue to innovate and use only the highest quality materials to protect our tech.  Next time you see someone throwing their phone into a cooler because the battery overheated, be a friend and share this post - they will thank you!


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February 18, 2022

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