You might think you need a waterproof phone case to go skiing. What you actually need is something to keep your phone warm because – as all skiers and snowboarders know – freezing conditions can massively reduce the battery life of a fully-charged phone. Cue Phoozy’s Apollo II BlackOut Plus (US$30/UK£33, about AU$60), which is designed for an inner jacket pocket or a pocket on salopettes.

It uses thermal tech much like that found in NASA’s space suits to protect astronauts in the extreme conditions in outer space. It can extend the battery life of a phone by three times in freezing conditions and, as a bonus, gives your phone military-grade shock protection from drops of up to six feet.

If you want to keep a phone on all day – whether for playing music, keeping in contact with friends on the slopes, or in case of an emergency – the Apollo II BlackOut Plus is a good bet. It comes in silver or gold, and in Slim, Plus and XL sizes to cater for all phones.

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Purchase the Apollo II in BlackOut and Woodland on Amazon here

February 12, 2020

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