Embracing our checkered past

Limited Edition. Made from patented spacesuit technology to keep your drinks colder longer. Ultra-lightweight, packable design doesn't weigh you down and the Anti-Gravity hand strap keeps your drinks comfortably in your hand - just wait until you try it! You will never use any other Can Cooler again!

Made from light-weight, cutting edge materials.

Chromium Thermal Barrier Technology

Multiple-layers made from materials originally developed by NASA for spacesuits, the Chromium Thermal Barrier guarantees your drinks stay ice-cold and refreshing withouth the weight, bulk or metals found in other products.

No-Touch CoolBase Technology

The patent-pending No-Touch CoolBase bottom keeps the bottom of your can off of hot surfaces keeping your drink colder, longer. No more putting your ice cold drink on a hot pool deck, outdoor table or other hot surfaces that quickly warm up your drinks.