Spacesuit technology for every adventure.

Every PHOOZY product features our proprietary layered-matrix of materials adapted from those designed by NASA to protect astronauts in the extreme temperatures of space.

Our exclusive, patent-pending Chromium Thermal Barrier™ reflects more than 90% of the solar radiation generated by the sun. As UV and Infrared heat waves pound your devices at 185,000 miles per second, the outer layer of the Chromium Thermal Barrier™ sends them back into space, away from your devices while the inner layer insulates your device in cold conditions.

Why does my phone die so quick in cold conditions?

Cold weather, snow, freezing rain and other wintery conditions do not play well with your phone battery. When you are outside in these conditions, you may have noticed your phone’s battery isn’t lasting as long, it might even say it has more than enough battery left before randomly shutting down and leaving you stranded.

Our patented Thermal Layering Technology insulates your device in cold temperatures to extend battery life up to 4X! Click below to learn how to protect your phone and extend its battery life in cold conditions.


When temperatures go below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, your battery can drain very fast rendering your most trusted devices useless. By utilizing space suit technology and our patent pending Chromium Thermal Barrier™, PHOOZY Thermal Capsules extend the period of time that your mobile device will maintain its operating temperature in cold conditions; extending battery life by up to 3X (compared to not using a PHOOZY).

Why does my phone overheat in the summer?

When your phone or tablet is exposed to summer temperatures (95 degrees Fahrenheit or higher), or is used in direct sunlight, the device will overheat and shutdown until it can cool down. When your device overheats, it can cause permanent damage to your device and battery.

Our Chromium Thermal Barrier™ reflects more than 95% of the heat of the sun away from your device to help prevent overheating. Use our thermal capsules to protect your phone in the heat of summer!


Heat and solar radiation from the sun can cause your device to overheat and shutdown, causing permanent damage. The integrated Chromium Thermal Barrier™ in every PHOOZY Thermal Capsule extends the period of time that your device will maintain its optimal operating temperature in the sun and heat. Don’t let an overheated phone or tablet ruin your adventure and cause permanent damage to your expensive devices.