Hygiene phone protection

Our antimicrobial range has been created in collaboration with AGION, the market leader in antimicrobial technology, which basically means that as far as the tech hygiene stakes go, we’ve raised the bar pretty high.

The AGION formula stops microbes in its tracks by damaging their cells and disrupting their growth, meaning, they simply can’t survive inside of your PHOOZY.

Built-in Permanent Protection

We’re not into temporary tech protection, which is why the antimicrobial technology is actually built into the PHOOZY itself, offering long-lasting hygiene. Unlike other self-cleaning phone cases with just a thin antimicrobial coating, our method is here to stay and won’t wear off over time.

After 15 mins


microbes inactivated

After 2 hours


microbes inactivated

After 24 hours


microbes inactivated

Fast Acting

The AGION Antimicrobial technology will get to work within minutes of coming into contact with microbes, ridding up to 99.99% in just 24 hours. This means that you get to start each day with your tech as clean as the day you opened the box.